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First taste of job

Well, cant say that i actually know that much about any job, after all this is only my 2nd day at work.
But at least i can write down my feelings.
Yesterday was, in a word, boring. i drifted about doing nothing! and only had 2 hour sleep really did not help.
Today was sooo much better. i became acquainted of two new people at work-Wei Xin and Zeng &#(sorry, mr.zeng, again i forget your firts name), and these two were quite helpful. Wei Xin tipped me some tricks about coping with arriving-late, and mr.zeng made some comments about check-in at F2 and check-out at F1. guys you rock!
Also, today i finally had some REAL work to do other than wander, and learnt something about these damn exhibits.
All in all, 2nd day is much more educational and joyful. The ONLY flaw was father once more acting like a jerk!

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