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Day 14?

Not sure if it count as a work day since a half of the day-off has been snatched, and I had to sit there a good 4 hours listening to these bullshit.
Miss Liu Yo was brave enough to try to aroused the enthusiasm of the masses, which in some strange way I think was very cute, and almost failed splendidly. Lucky for her I was really uncomfortable with awkwardness so decided to take pity on her by cooperating. And it turned out that she’s really a sweet girl that as soon as it’s break-time she came to thank me heartfully.
During this afternoon, Tang Lili sat at my left so I was able to remember her name and face…= =
One of the speakers, whose name’s Wen Yuan, was such a kiss-ass that his whole speech was buttering up his boss Han Peng.
PS. I got Wei Xin’s QQ and Miss Liu Yo’s call(and yet I’m still not sure her name= =).

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