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Day 21

2nd day in training.
continued standing, walking, talking, smiling, sitting, waving, shaking hands, etc, BUT to my deeply despair, all the while I had to wear a pair of high heels…
4:00 pm, had a meeting with Uncle Zhu aka my boss, Ye Kai, He Yao, Miss Tang, Mrs Xue, Xiang Zhiwei, Ni Qian, Liu You, He Lei.
once again, uncle Zhu’s voice made me dozed.
dinner, at Liangjianglijing, I Knocked over 3 bottles of beer and was treated to a feast.
so it’s not a surprise that i fall asleep before my head hit the pillow.
uncle Zhu made the matter known to the public that I was in his charge. i don’t know how to think about it or how this will matter my future work.

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