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Day 52: Indecision

I was not able to convince Uncle Zhu that it’s important for me to pursue advanced studies, not for better salary, not for another job, but for my own… how to say, completion? promote?
Yet he didn’t persuade me to give up my IDEAL. And his all-women-want-easy-life attitude more or less pissed me off… a little.
Why do I want a easy life when I’m only 23 full of energy? Why do I want a cocky man in my life when I enjoy my freedom? And WHY can’t I be ideal when it’s perfect period of my lifetime just to be so?!
Isn’t it a privilege for the young to dream, to fight for dream. Even at last I fail, cry my eyes out, isn’t it way to make me tough and mature? How can you expect the young to be mature when they are not even through their ideal???

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