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For The First Time in Forever

For the first time in forever, I was kissed by someone not my family or female friends.

And I felt… nothing.

He said, “Since you asked me to come, at least you feel something. It can’t be just about the conference, ritht?”

At that time, I had no words for that, because really, literally, just for that.

I never thought about how my invitation could be comprehended by him, I just need someone to help the conference and he volunteered, so I just thought WHY NOT?

My inconsideration led to this awkwardness, he took my hands, looked into my eyes, bared his heart…

I’ll be lying if I said it’s not touching, but then, he pulled me in, hold me tight.

The whole time he hold me, I just stood there and had no idea where to put my hands…

And then, I felt he tilt his head, a kiss on my cheek.

All I want was getting away, so I tickled him. Thank GOD he’s ticklish and jumped back.

Before we part, he asked me to think, about the possibility between us.

To be frank, I like him, he’s nice and decent man. BUT, I have no romantic feeling toward him. About this, trust me, I’m sad, too, because I think there won’t be that many better choice out there.

BUT, BUT, who will you choose? The one you love? Or the one love you?


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