First time accompanied boss on a social intercourse.

3 bottles!! Even now I feel dizzy!


Internship 1st day


New people: Li Wei, xiao Wen, Yaqin

I was just sitting around all day!!!

So bored that I kept reading booklets. By now I can repeat it from memory.

Day 60: The Ending, The Beginning

I left office today, after 60 days’ working.
I actually liked this job, it’s nice, fun and though a little embarrassing sometimes, it’s not hard.
And most of all, I really like these people there, not perfect, but good guys no less. Certainly I will miss them.

Day 52: Indecision

I was not able to convince Uncle Zhu that it’s important for me to pursue advanced studies, not for better salary, not for another job, but for my own… how to say, completion? promote?
Yet he didn’t persuade me to give up my IDEAL. And his all-women-want-easy-life attitude more or less pissed me off… a little.
Why do I want a easy life when I’m only 23 full of energy? Why do I want a cocky man in my life when I enjoy my freedom? And WHY can’t I be ideal when it’s perfect period of my lifetime just to be so?!
Isn’t it a privilege for the young to dream, to fight for dream. Even at last I fail, cry my eyes out, isn’t it way to make me tough and mature? How can you expect the young to be mature when they are not even through their ideal???

Day 38

First day during my off-the-job training for 1 month. SOOOOOO boring!!!!
Since I sat down in the new office, I have played computer for a whole day!!
But at least, office is much cooler than the hall. That’s may count for something, I think.

Day 36

I dont know if he’s serious or kidding. I mean, it’s not even 2 months since we meet and we almost know nothing about each other. How can you like some one you barely know.
Also, I never feel comfortable dealing with these things. Right now, I’m really confused and weary.

Day 35

It’s not my good day!
Through guide tour for Mr Guo Dingping, I’m sooo nerves and lousy!
I hate myself for acting poorly and I’m afraid of losing interests in this work if this continue.
Received my first, pitiful salary of ¥744

Day 30

Originally, today I would have my first through guide tour docent test. But the Summer Camp for the children of migrant workers upset the scheme.
However, it is nothing major compared with The Two CAME TO SEE ME!!!!
Yeah, right. Feng XX and Jiang XX, as always, just LOVE giving me surprise visit!!!!!
Though I declined the dinner tonight, but it’s just because I’m actually a little shy and not that good at dealing with surprise and would like to have some time ready myself and to be honest I’m VERY VERY happy to see my two loved girls!!!!! Though these two painted as a picture and looked like almost 1 inch taller than me…
I’m very happy!!!

Day 25-26

July 13
normal. well, to be honest, i forgot …
July 14
early morning, i made a fool of myself about the arrange of duty. what a embarrassed situation.